Welcome to my book review page. 🙂 Here, you can find reviews I’ve written for books. I usually have these reviews up on other platforms as well, like Amazon and Goodreads. I’ve categorized them according to books I picked up by myself, and books that were offered to me in exchange for review. I try to review a book once a week.

If you’d like me to review your book, take a look at my submission guidelines at the bottom of the page.

Reviews for books I picked up myself


Reviews for books given to me

Feb 25, 2017 Andreas Michaelides, My Weight Loss Journey


Book Review Submission Guidelines

I will only review books I’m interested in. Generally, that means young adult, romance, travel, fantasy, mystery, adventure—but feel free to try me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll turn out to be interested in that biography you penned on Nina Dobrev (yes, actually, I would be. I’m a big fan of hers. So, tell me something I don’t know about her and I’ll give you a glowing review).

I will also only review published books that are written in proper English. Priority goes to self-published or indie authors, though I will definitely still consider books published the traditional route. We’re all still authors, after all. I substitute basketballs with typo-riddled books and court hoops with trash cans, so give yourself the best shot (or worst shot, according to my analogy) and hit me with proofread and copyedited material.

I am a diehard fan of hard book and paperback copies… But, given that I’m a traveler, it’s hard to coordinate receiving mail. Thus, the best way to send me your book is to email me an ebook.

In an email addressed to, include your name, the title of your book, the length of your book (either in number of words or how long you guesstimate a one-sit reading will take), a brief synopsis of the book, if you have a date you would like it reviewed by (no guarantees, of course), a link back to your author website or blog, and whether you’ll be sending me a free delivery of Hawaiian pizza. Gawd, I love pineapples on pizza. Also, please take the time to find out my name (it’s not hard, I promise; in fact, it’s right in plain sight) and address me by it in your email; trust me, it’s very easy to spot a no-effort copy-and-paste email, and I will delegate such emails to the spam box. Don’t be a spammer.

Reviews are, of course, free. My reviews are also 100% honest, all the time. I reserve the right to post bad reviews of content that I myself sought out, but will never post bad reviews of content sent to me. Instead, I will reply to you in private with my thoughts and explain why a public review is not possible.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you would like to guarantee an expedited review, offer to review one of my books too! I’m an author too, and appreciate reviews like anyone else.

So, what are you waiting for? Send away! I promise I won’t bite (hard).

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