Fairie Lights and Empty Houses

Fairie Lights and Empty Houses is up for sale now!

Fairie Lights and Empty Houses: A First Time Winter Camping

A collection of thoughts, meditations, and even advice (hah, look at me pretending to know stuff), Fairie Lights and Empty Houses takes the reader along for my journey along 120km of the Bruce Trail. For eight days, my brother and I snowshoed and hiked through the wilderness, and winter camped for the first time in our lives. We didn’t have any previous experience or friends with expertise to guide us. The idea just popped into our heads; we bought the gear and then rolled with it. While doing some preparatory research for the trip, I only found how-to guidebooks or accounts from seasoned winter travelers, but no first-hand accounts from first-timers. So, I thought I’d share the experience of our foray into the countryside in the winter, and hopefully encourage anyone who’s been holding themselves back from truly and fully enjoying the winter, with all its riches, to get outside sooner rather than later. If city children from countries near the equator like us can do it, you can too.

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  1. Zuly

    I cant count how many times i chuckled while reading this.. I like how the author puts things as they are, how she talks about the reality of what you can expect to happen when you don’t prepare and when you do. I love how she goes into detail about describing the people she met along her journey and how amazing they all are. And I very much enjoyed the mixture of pictures and writting..

    19 . Feb . 2017
  2. Kay

    Gripping enough to read in one sitting, but also funny enough to make you come back for more! I’m just in awe of the crazy stories and experiences packed into this one volume, and I think this is one of the most amusing travel diaries I’ve read. Really, though, it’s not quite so much a travel diary because it feels like it’s been written for readers more than for the author.

    I would encourage people to read this, for sure! The copious pictures sprinkled throughout definitely made this life-long city dweller long for the open spaces of the country.

    19 . Feb . 2017
  3. EC

    This book was so well written and witty, and filled with such vivid detail and description, it was as if I was there with them! Loved the book greatly, and makes me long for the countryside.

    22 . Feb . 2017
  4. Jenni Rinker

    First things first: this book is not a technical, backcountry guide for winter trekking. However, I think it is excellenr for someone who is newer to hiking and toying with the idea of heading out into the woods.

    The writing switches by chapter between comical mishaps, stories of kindness, introspective insight, and nature-inspired verse. The book is not like something you would take off the shelf in a bookstore. Just as the story tells of Rue’s virgin foray into the wild winter woods, I think this book is her first expedition into full-length book-writing. And I look forward to reading more from her, and seeing how her style evolves.

    22 . Feb . 2017
  5. Mai N.

    I turned the last page and immediately wanted to plan my own long-distance hike on the Bruce Trail. This story beautifully describes the feeling and awe of what it’s like to hike through snowy trails with a heavy backpack, a disgruntled brother and little to no experience. I liked that it came from the first-person perspective of a newbie, which gave it an “awkward adventures” vibe that nonetheless made me feel like I can do it too. This is a quick read that’s heavy on introspection with a sprinkle of poetry and pictures. By no means is it a serious hikers’ guide, but a fun read for anyone curious about the hiccups that can happen when you hike and camp in the dead of winter.

    25 . Feb . 2017
  6. Andreas Michaelides

    Fairie Lights and Empty Houses: A First Time Winter Camping Kindle Edition by Alaska Rue is a personal adventure that catalogs her winter camping experience as a first-timer who wished to escape the madness of the city, with the hope of finding the inner peace that the winter season provides. In eight days, the author and her brother hiked 120 kilometres along the Bruce Trail, from Owen Sound to Lion’s Head which is one of Canada’s oldest footpath!
    This book will make you motivated, give you that push you need and ignite inspiration in your heart.
    The collection of moments the author writes will make you see things from another point of view. You might get really connected or you might not either way the authors story is one that everyone that wants to search or do something different with her or his life should read.
    Very beautiful story.

    01 . Mar . 2017
  7. ST Shum

    Hey Alaska Rue- your book is amazingly entertaining to read. Felt like I was trudging alongside you and Yi Fan 😅Finished it during my flight to Chiang Mai ☺. Looking forward to your second book 👍🏻💪🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    02 . Mar . 2017

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