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Fairie Lights and Empty Houses: A First Time Winter Camping

A collection of thoughts, meditations, and even advice (hah, look at me pretending to know stuff), Fairie Lights and Empty Houses takes the reader along for my journey along 120km of the Bruce Trail. For eight days, my brother and I snowshoed and hiked through the wilderness, and winter camped for the first time in our lives. We didn’t have any previous experience or friends with expertise to guide us. The idea just popped into our heads; we bought the gear and then rolled with it. While doing some preparatory research for the trip, I only found how-to guidebooks or accounts from seasoned winter travelers, but no first-hand accounts from first-timers. So, I thought I’d share the experience of our foray into the countryside in the winter, and hopefully encourage anyone who’s been holding themselves back from truly and fully enjoying the winter, with all its riches, to get outside sooner rather than later. If city children from countries near the Equator like us can do it, you can too.

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