Under this tab, I keep a running list of projects that I plan on getting around to fully developing and publishing at some point in the future (hopefully sooner than later!). I have plotlines quite fully fleshed out for these projects, but just haven’t worked up the motivation to see the entire project through. Feel free to browse, and if you like something, highlight it to me! Maybe if there’s enough reader interest, I’ll get on it (and maybe even get it published in just 30 days, like I did with my first non-fiction book Fairie Lights and Empty Houses). 🙂


Nothing but the Cold, Hard Truth

A psychological thriller for young adults. A high school girl who can hear other people’s thoughts about her. A boy out of nowhere whose mind she can’t read. And people who are out to get her, and kill her. What’s a girl to do?

Check out the progress here.


What Happens in the Mountains

Young adult series of romance and adventure. Strong female protagonist. Themes of abuse, toxic relationships, first-time travel, etc. set in a university campus environment. Read the preface here.

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