• Sick of learning all the rules of English in school, and getting marked down when you don’t follow them?
  • Are you interested in becoming a better storyteller?
  • Is this the year you’re finally going to write that novel of yours?


The English language is so much more interesting than what they teach you in school!


Poetry, Story Writing, Song Writing, Vocal Performances

No matter what form your creative juices take, the English language is a lot more interesting and pliable than many give it credit for. There are so many liberties you can take with it, and so many ways you can play around with individual letters and words to create genuine art that speaks not only to you but to other people as well!

So, come explore the English language with me! I want to pass on a love for the English language to as many people as I can.


I have experience tutoring students, most typically middle-school students or international students whose first language is not English. My creative writing and experiential English sessions are one-on-one, meaning that every student will have a learning experience that is specifically tailored to their needs and interests. That being said, I’m not looking so much to TEACH you or your child but INSPIRE, PROVOKE and GUIDE. Everyone was born creative, so even if you don’t feel so right now, that spark is still in you, just hidden under years of suppression and conditioning.

Not your typical English class.

Let me be very clear: This is not your typical English class.

Banish any thoughts of boring tutoring sessions where we stay seated at a table for hours and regurgitate from books!

No, we are on a duty to make language come to life! Let’s coax the words from the page! There are no holds barred!

We can take walking tours around the city for inspiration, combine creative writing with other mediums of art, play board games that introduce new ways of experiencing English, even create board games ourselves and write scripts for video games or choose-your-own-adventure stories!

Insterested? Send me a message and we’ll talk!

My rates vary depending on the types of projects we work on, but they’re typically CAD$35/hour and up. These sessions are definitely meant to be informal and casual so that we can all shake loose and be our true, authentic selves, so treat me like a friend (just one that you have to pay)!

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