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My love, Annah the Javanese

a/n: This was a literary response to Paul Gauguin's paintings of Annah, one of his many mistresses in French Polynesia. He was a French post-Impressionist artist from the 19th century. This FICTIONAL piece of work imagines what their relationship was like. I would...

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a/n: Originally posted this on Fictionpress in October 2009. Man, this short story is over seven years old. You can find it here. It is a sad one. Ugly She's beautiful. The epitome of all ravishing beauty. No, no, she specifically personifies beauty and, and,...

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In the Art of Falling

a/n: THIS IS YOUNG ADULT ROMANCE. I wrote this story back in 2010, and published it originally on Fictionpress. You can find the original posting here. I love looking back at my old work, because it's interesting to see how far I've come. At the time of writing, this...

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An Edible Suffering

a/n: An Edible Suffering was a literary response I wrote for an English class in university about Pacific Island legends and stories. This story is, I suppose, a spin-off fan-fiction of sorts to Florence Syme-Buchanan's "Boat Girl." Therefore, if you can, I suggest...

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Conversation from the Lounge

a/n: This is my laziest writing yet, I think. It's a revised telling of a scene I originally wrote for a Vampire Diaries fanfiction story, and also makes use of elements from an unpublished story (which I might put up on this site later on.) Conversation from the...

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Updates in January 2017

Hello beautiful people of the world! In the month of January 2017... I am in the process of writing my first ebook, which I plan to release on Jan 31, 2017! [Update: I ended up releasing it on February 12, 2017 instead.] It's primarily a collection of impressions and...

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