Nothing but the Cold, Hard TruthChapter 1“She’s such a bitch.”His gaze trailed in the direction of her finger, landing on a girl halfway down the hall. Clad in black skinny jeans, brown boots and a simple, white sweater, she was dressed more casually than every other girl in school so far, who were dressed like they were competing for Miss Canada. Clusters of happily chatting friends passed by her, gossiping loudly about what everyone had been up to in the summer. The entire school was a flurry of motion and noise, yet she was the only…

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Nothing but the Cold, Hard Truth—Preface


Nothing but the Cold, Hard TruthPrefaceYou can’t get away from me, little girl.He watches her eyes, a slow blink. What a beautiful specimen. He wants to look at her all day. Her hand reaches for her headphones—then twitches away. What a lovely neck. And a strong jaw.She relaxes her jaw ever so slightly, and shifts in her seat, twisting away from him. His eyebrows furrow. Oh, Rainey. Oh, dear little Rainey. Maybe he just imagines it, but her eyes widen the slightest for the briefest of seconds. Then she’s throwing the shadow back…

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Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (BaRK) take the night!


I reviewed this show on behalf of the music blog Nightmair Creative. You can see an edited version of this article originally published here.Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Massey HallOn the 25th of February, 2017, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (BaRK) made their way to Toronto’s Massey Hall for a nearly sold out concert, as the very first stop on their Kings and Kings tour across Canada.I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t experienced a rock concert quite like this before. To be clear, BaRK is a folk rock-alternative country band…

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A Note on Translation: A Night of Echoes


Some backstory: This piece is slightly edited from the original, which was written for an English class back in university, in the fall of 2014. The assignment had been to attend a live reading and write two pages about the experience. This here is set in Vancouver (BC, Canada), so if you live there, you might recognize the bookstore and even the poets.I guess the more well-known used bookstore in the downtown area is MacLeod’s, but just across the street from it on Pender is a lovely place called The Paper Hound—and what a compelling name…

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Hockey Girl


Before coming to Canada, I had never been known as a ‘sports girl’. Once upon a time, I could run a seven-minute mile, but as I focussed more on writing and the arts, I paid less attention to athletic endeavours. That all changed when I moved to Canada.In Canada at sixteen without family, I tried to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t feel so homesick—and that was how I stumbled upon ball hockey. My college gym held recreational hockey practices every Wednesday and needed girls. I was sitting on the bleachers watching the game, amazed at…

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Michaelides’ Weight-loss Journey: A Realistic and Encouraging Self-Help Read


For full disclosure: I’d originally reached out to Andreas Michaelides of Thirsty4Health for a review of my own book Fairie Lights and Empty Houses. He is listed as a book reviewer on The Indie View, a great website if you’re looking for readers, reviewers and authors of indie works. He suggested we do a book exchange, so this is my review of his book My Weight Loss Journey: How I lost 44 pounds and never gained them back using a plant based diet.Also, he had sent me a version of the book that hadn’t been edited…

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Thoughts on Season 2, Episode 8 of Shadowhunters


Oh man, was this a woozy!Warning: Spoiler alert! But, I assume if you’ve clicked on this link, you’ve watched the episode too.First things first: Nooooooooooooo. Seriously, no. Simon and Clary? Please, we Jace and Clary fans have already been through so much. From having this couple split up because of the sibling stone launched in their path, to having Jace temporarily go over to the dark side, it’s now extra sad to see Clary moving on with Simon. Personally, I think they work much better as best friends than as a couple.”Was it… weird…

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Ryan Munzert was the only good thing about Natural Selection


(I included the video because I didn’t want to have to write a summary myself.)Let’s be honest. Natural Selection (2015) had an interesting premise (albeit one that has been tried and done before) but its overall execution was barely short of terrible. The acting was awkward. The blocking of the scenes felt off, as if the actors were always a couple of seconds behind. The dialogue was painful to sit through at times. The film strives to achieve too much, its main flaw ultimately being that it tried to take on too many storylines within a span…

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Preface for ‘What Happens in the Mountains’


a/n: So, I’ve been sitting on this storyline for over two years now. I actually posted this preface to Tablo back in February 2015 (you can find it here), then on to Fictionpress in June 2015 (you can find that here). I might bring this to Wattpad once I get enough inner motivation to write a chapter a day. I have so many different plotlines that have just been delegated to the dusty shelves and boxes in the basement, sadly. But this one is a good one, and I thought I would have made this my first novel…

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Never Date a Girl who Travels


a/n: I wrote this story inspired by the video ‘Don’t Date a Girl who Travels’, directed by David Joseph Falossi and edited by Jonathan Wallace. You can watch the video down below. That video was in turn based on the story by Adi Zarsadias, which you can read here.I submitted that story for a creative writing class back in late 2014. I got generally positive reviews for it, and it’s definitely a story I like and am proud of writing. I feel like it embodies myself to a large extent, haha. It definitely is based partially…

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