Thoughts on Season 2, Episode 8 of Shadowhunters


Oh man, was this a woozy!

Warning: Spoiler alert! But, I assume if you’ve clicked on this link, you’ve watched the episode too.

First things first: Nooooooooooooo. Seriously, no. Simon and Clary? Please, we Jace and Clary fans have already been through so much. From having this couple split up because of the sibling stone launched in their path, to having Jace temporarily go over to the dark side, it’s now extra sad to see Clary moving on with Simon. Personally, I think they work much better as best friends than as a couple.

“Was it… weird?” Simon asks Clary after she latches onto him and plants a big one on his lips. Uh, big fat, heck yeah, it was awkward! Clary laughs softly in response. “In the best way possible.”


I just don’t see the chemistry. There was no passion, not like with Clary and Jace’s first kiss.

For comparison, check out Clary and Jace’s kiss.

Clary and Simon seem more like an old couple—mature love, like maybe they love each other, but aren’t in love with each other. It’s additionally painful because we can see how much Jace is struggling with his love for Clary when he knows he can’t have her.

What’s up with that? From the get go, Clary has seemed able to let go of Jace so easily. It’s clear that she still cares about Jace (what with running to his rescue when he was under Valentine’s influence) but it seems like she’s accepted the fact that they’re siblings with much less resistance. While Jace looks at her with longing and can’t even bear to talk about her with other people, she seems oblivious to his affection. The scene where Jace saw Clary and Simon holding hands and walked over to congratulate her was heartbreaking. I can appreciate him being a big enough man to take the high road and not try to let jealousy get between them, but I don’t for a second believe that he meant it. If he could be with Clary, he’d fight with every fibre of his being for that.

That’s why Clary’s apparent indifference is so infuriating. I was so happy with the Clary and Jace scene back in Season 2, Episode 7 where they released the Angel Ithuriel together and shared that moment. To me, that cements them in my mind as a power couple. I just see Clary and Jace kicking butt together better than they could with any other teammate. Jace’s protectiveness of Clary is so endearing. “Valentine’s coming for me, isn’t he?” Clary says, resigned, to which Jace nods. “Which means that I’m never letting you out of my sight.” *Fangirl moment*

Come on, Clary! The guy is still deeply in love with you! How can you not feel drawn to that?!?

This is why I don’t understand love triangles. Why can’t it just be a square? Let everyone have someone else without having to fight over it. Let everyone find love and be happy! I actually like Simon and Maia together. Bring Jace and Clary back! We all know they’re endgame.


Second: Speaking of couples on the show… I’m really liking the Raphael/Isabelle relationship they just sprung out of nowhere. I find Raphael to be a highly likeable character because he operates on morals and ultimately has a good heart, despite being a vampire, and therefore transcends the stereotypes assigned to that supernatural breed. Isabelle is a powerful and strong character, and while I am definitely pumped to see female characters be a lone wolf and kick butt without a male counterpart, Isabelle deserves some love too! I can definitely see chemistry between these two, and would be interested to see how things develop between them. It was especially touching when Raphael walked Isabelle over to Magnus’ place and she grabbed his hand. “Are you sure you don’t want to come up?” Oh my gawd, the sweet little smiles they exchange at the end.

About Maia and Simon: I know they’re not technically a couple, but they just gel so well! As sad as it might be to say, I think they understand each other in ways that Clary and Simon can no longer understand each other. It might have been a witch’s spell that made Clary hear those words from Simon, but it doesn’t make it inherently false. Maybe it’s a harsh truth. That being said, I don’t condone Simon cheating on Clary—before I found out that something fishy was going on, I was just as indignant as Clary that Simon would spill his true feelings for her and then turn right around and kiss Maia. So, while I don’t want Simon and Clary together for the long-run, I want them to part ways amicably and still remain best friends.

Third: I thought it was brilliant how everyone’s insecurities and fears were brought up because of the witch’s spell. It was a great instrument to flesh out the deeper shades of these characters. I don’t care for Max’s rune ceremony though. I don’t see his relevance to the show. I was confused—is this a character I’m supposed to care about? If so, the producers and writers didn’t do a good job of making me feel anything—whether good or bad—about him. Like, when I think about Aldertree, I think, gawd, I hate this guy! He’s so annoyingly manipulative! But with Max? Just indifference. It was really boring to sit through that scene at the end where he graduated into a full-fledged shadowhunter. Sad to say, I actually care more about Madzie than Max. Go figure.

Can’t wait till the next episode! Let’s see what Valentine’s going to do next…




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