Updates in January 2017


Hello beautiful people of the world!

In the month of January 2017…

I am in the process of writing my first ebook, which I plan to release on Jan 31, 2017! [Update: I ended up releasing it on February 12, 2017 instead.] It’s primarily a collection of impressions and insights I had during my first ever experience winter camping and snowshoeing along a part of the Bruce Trail (up on the Bruce Peninsula) with my brother just this Christmas break. When we were researching for this trip, we found a lot of how-to guides from experts, but not a lot of real-life stories from actual first-timers. So, although this book is more for my future self to remember the crazier, younger days, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to other people who might want to get out into the countryside and try winter camping for the first time. As “city children” who also spent the majority of our childhoods living in countries near the Equator, my brother and I had never really given winter much thought beyond it being a season you had to get through to get to summer. What flawed thinking. Winter is a season just as exciting as summer, if not more, and just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. So, this is a book for other first-timers, who’ve previously thought winter was too intimidating and deadly. I haven’t come up with a concrete name for the book yet, so just bear with me a little while longer…

Also, I’m aiming to set up my own publishing house, tentatively titled Northern Spirit Publishing House. More news on that to come later, but for now, I’m only planning on publishing my own works under that. I might consider publishing other authors at a future date (way, WAY down the line).

That’s all, folks! Till Feb!



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