Hi, I’m Alaska Rue.

Welcome! I’m glad you found me!

Who am I?

I’m a 22-year-old dreamer who’s recently been moved to action. I guess I’m the typical millennial university graduate, who doesn’t really know what they want to do and is fumbling her way around the world trying to find the answer. I’ve been traveling, for the most part, since I graduated from university… two years ago. Wowzers. I’ve finally decided that I love the location-independent lifestyle too much to ever give it up, and realized that I definitely want to be my own boss.

Some fun facts about me

I was born in Singapore, grew up in the USA and Singapore, hold a Malaysian passport, moved to Canada alone at the age of 16, and currently live in Toronto. But that could change any day. 😉

I also can solve the a 3x3x3 rubik’s cube in thirty seconds. Oh, and I love Reese’s.

How did I get into writing?

I started writing seriously when I was twelve. I was living in Singapore at the time, and had just started my first year of secondary school (7th grade). My best friend who was also into writing introduced me to FanFiction — and I was hooked from then on.

I would spend hours reading other people’s stories and writing my own. I wrote for the fandoms of High School Musical and Vampire Diaries mostly, although I delved into others as well, like Maximum Ride.


Though many people might find this funny or even embarrassing, I don’t.

I am very proud that I stumbled onto this. I was a horrible writer at that age, and if it hadn’t been for FanFiction, I wouldn’t have improved as much as I had, in the time that I did.

If you want to check out my humble beginnings, you can find my old FanFiction profile here. It’s now pretty much inactive, and I’ve taken down the first stories I ever penned because they were truly atrocious and incongruous with the later quality of my works. I laugh about that now.

How I got here

I chose to go to university for English, and it wasn’t for a lack of trying to find something else to study. I spent my first two years just taking random electives. I considered forensic anthropology, psychology, journalism… But nothing fit, so I decided to return to English. I ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Humanities at the age of 19, and kind of wish that I had studied something I hadn’t already spent the majority of my teenage years self-learning.

My portfolio, at best, is sketchy. It comes with a lot of gaps, loose papers and dog-eared pages. I did some ghostwriting for a long time, and I’ve written for a variety of publications, including my university’s student newspaper, but I wanted something more. Ghostwriting could sometimes be good money, but I never wrote anything I would want to put under my own name. I wouldn’t be ghostwriting if that was the case. Seeing my name in bylines was cool, but they were mostly low-paying or free gigs. All these experiences definitely brought me to where I am today, and for that I am grateful, but I am glad that’s all in the past and that I’m in a new phase of life!

You can find some of my old writing here.

This website is a collection of my works — books that I’ve self-published, short stories that I post on here for free, opinion pieces, poetry, general musings, etc. Follow these links to check out my publishing house and my adventure travel blog.

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